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The Doglemi™ Soft Dog Elizabethan Collar & Canine Cone is a soft, ring-shaped device that’s positioned around a dog’s neck to prevent them from licking or scratching at injuries, stitches, or hot spots. This simple yet effective alternative to the traditional plastic collar achieves the same purpose thanks to its pliable materials and special design. Unlike its rigid counterpart, the Doglemi soft dog e collar won’t block your puppy’s vision and will bend if bumped against walls or objects. Made of water-resistant and durable nylon fabric, it’s easy to clean and bite-resistant. A set of 4-6 snap buttons allows you to customize the fit according to your dog’s neck size.


Helps Your Dog Recover After Surgery in Comfort

The Doglemi™ canine cone will give you peace of mind about your pet’s safety while helping your pet feel more comfortable during allergy flare-ups, after surgery, or whenever they have skin irritations.

Designed for Comfort and Convenience

The Doglemi™ Dog Recovery Collar is specifically designed to provide your canine friend with maximum comfort. It’s easy to put on and take off, while the durable, EPE foam-backed nylon material is water-resistant, making it easy to clean.

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Make Your Dog Recovery Time More Comfortable

Unlike hard plastic e collars that can impede dogs’ movement, this soft dog cone doesn’t interfere with peripheral vision or the ability to eat or drink. Plus, it’s easy to put on and take off.

Adjustable for the Perfect Fit

For a comfortable recovery, a perfect fit is key. That’s why the Doglemi™ Dog Recovery Collar features a set of snap fasteners. This allows you to customize the tightness and ensure your pet’s comfort while keeping them protected.

Adjustable for the Perfect Fit


Materials Nylon shell and EPE foam rollers inside.
Lifestage All life stages
Closure Type Button & Snap Fastener
Breed Size Small, medium, and large dog breeds
Cleaning Wiping


dog collar cone size For the best fit, match the below dimensions to your pet’s measurements as closely as possible.

  • Neck Size: Measure the broadest part of your dog’s neck, leaving room for two fingers.
  • If your dog falls somewhere between two sizes, we advise ordering the larger size.

doglemi vet pet collars

Size Rings Neck Circumference Depth Diameter
XS 4 6.3-8.3″ 4.7″ 11.4″
S 4 7.9-9.8″ 5.1″ 11.8″
M 5 9.8-11″ 5.9″ 14.2″
L 5 11-13″ 6.7″ 16.2″
XL 5 13-15.7″ 7.1″ 17.3″
XXL 6 15.7-18.5″ 8.3″ 21.3″
XXXL 8 17.7-21.7″ 11.4″ 27.2″

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I needed something more comfortable than the plastic or cloth cones or the blow up donuts for my girl after she had to have a cyst removed on her side since she will be wearing it for awhile. This was perfect not only can she not get to the incision on her side but she always has a nice pillow to lay on! lol My golden is 60 lbs and she is wearing the 2XL which was just large enough that she couldn’t get to her side. It wipes clean easily too.

Ernie V
GREAT alternative to the hard plastic Cone of Shame!

First, the downside: it runs small. I bought an XXL for our big dog (130-pound Anatolian pyrenees), and it's too small for his neck and doesn't have enough rings to prevent licking. However, it worked perfectly for my mixed breed when she got a hot spot on her face. She didn't mind wearing it; it prevented scratching, and she could play and move freely, unlike with the hard plastic cones.

I'm very happy with this collar, and it's a great solution for medium dogs. She didn't try to remove it and had no trouble eating, drinking, or moving through doors. I felt comfortable leaving her alone with this on, unlike with the plastic cone. It was extremely effective for her wound on the upper leg, and the vet was so impressed they took pictures and are considering selling it through their services.

Michelle C.

My girl Milly has OCD licking along with cognitive dysfunction so she constantly licks and a very aggressive and manic way. This cause cysts on her. This collar gives her the flexibility and comfort to move around while keeps her paws out of reach.


We originally purchased this collar and a comfy cone hoping to find a product that would stop excessive licking leading to hair loss during allergy season. Our dog absolutely prefers this E-collar to any other because it doesn’t impair her field of vision; furthermore, she’s no longer a walking wrecking ball with her cone on. Recently, she had knee surgery and refused to walk while the had the plastic collar on. Positively wouldn’t do it. Once we put this cone on instead, she was able to walk and potty independently. Couldn’t wish for a better cone!

Virginia Hamilton

I love this, however, it is not for back legs. My dog had CCL surgery two days ago and got to her stitches. Fortunately, she didn't remove them, but the area is red. I recommend only for mid areas.

Terri L. Hunn

Should be called the "Cone of Fame" as this was a lifesaver for us!!
We have a high-energy, quck-pace German Shepherd puppy who recently got spayed.
That hard plastic veterinarian collar was constantly bashing into everything including our ankles!
This soft foam collar did the job beautifully during the day instead!!
We all loved this "cone" collar!!

Cheryl Ball
Love it!

This thing is a godsend!! My little fur ball was so miserable wearing a cone while we wait for a wound on his undercarriage to heal. With the cone, he had trouble with walking/depth perception, couldn’t eat with it, and looked so uncomfortable trying to sleep. This thing totally works! He can still reach his back paws but not his underside which was our concern. He can also eat with it and started playing with his toys again. It doesn’t seem to bother him. Best of all, this thing is super easy to take on and off—way easier than that awful cone. Our dog is 13 lbs with an 11” collar. Medium fit great.

Terri L. Hunn
Look Ma I’m a Flower

Awesome for our dog who has some wounds on her ear and front leg. Note: this is probably best for skinnier neck dogs (ours is a bloodhound girl 65lbs ) we ordered the XXL size and it is perfect. Also she might still be able to reach her hind legs but it wasn’t an issue for us. Sturdy foam construction that is still really comfy for her.

Very comfortable and works!

My Aussie has severe allergies and this keeps her from biting herself when we can't see her. She has used it for a long time and doesn't mind it at all. She is even able to go in and out of the doggie door with it on. Detaches really easily and is easy to wash. I have two that I interchange so I can wash and dry one while the other is available if I need it. Collar is easily interchangeable too.

Marla Morones
eye protection

My very long legged boxer had a severe eye infection, he does not like the lamp shade collar at all. So we used the donut collar, with his freakishly long legs he still was able to get to his eye. However with this more or less "satellite disk " he was unable to reach anything, and now is fully healed.

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