Snuffle Mats

Mental & Physical Stimulation: Is Your Dog Getting What They Need?


What's a Snuffle Mat?

Snuffle mats, at the core, are mats that allow the dogs to find dry food or treats that you’ve hidden. That means that with a snuffle mat you’re feeding your dog while also letting their brain be stimulated as they savour their food. It turns feeding time into a stimulating activity. A game that will make them grateful for their treats.

Why Your Four-Footers Will Love a Snuffle Mat


Provide Mental Stimulation

It’s their instinct to want to do a job or do something productive, so a snuffle mat can make them feel challenged.


Provide Physical Health

Help you give your dog an excellent workout in a small space.


Helps your Dog Use its Nose

Keep your dog engaged by giving him a chance to hunt and forage its food


Slows Your Speed Eaters Down

Hide treats and kibble inside, causing mealtime to last up to 10 times longer!


Great for Recovering Dogs

Provide ample exercise will keep recovering dogs active and on a healthy weight.


Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Since smell is a natural instinct for dogs, it helps in reducing stress and anxiety in them.

Dogs of All Ages Can Join in The Fun

Why Snuffle Mat Will Be the Best for Your Dog?

dog snuffle mat

If any of the following points describe your dog, then the Snuffle Mat is right for you ⤵️

Flower Pet Snuffle Mat


Salad Pet Snuffle Mat

Salad Dog Snuffle Mat

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Just be aware you shouldn’t allow your dog to be left alone with a Snuffle Mat if they destroy toys/items. It is not a chew toy.

This mat is machine washable just toss it in the washer (warm water) and tumble dry (low). It can be washed when you feel its dirty.

It’s for both! I had an adult dog who liked it.

Any type of treat is suitable to use with this mat.

This mat is intended to be used with dry food and treats.

This activity mat is designed for dogs.

How to Use a Snuffle Mat

STEP 1- Grab your Snuffle Mat and sprinkle treats or food all throughout

STEP 2- Tell your dog to wait and then place the mat on the ground

STEP 3- Release your dog to forage and find all of the snacks inside of the Snuffle Mat

How to Use a Snuffle Mat

Real Stories from Pup Parents Like You

makes a Perfect Toy and Resting Place
5-stars red

I bought this as a way to get my puppy to slow down when eating his food, and to help with mental stimulation. He loves it and it has definitely slowed him down, but it's not too difficult for him to use.

5-stars red

My dog loves it! Trying to get her to learn to use her nose more and this definitely does it! Keeps her occupied for a decent amount of time!

5-stars red

My puppy loves this. It keeps him entertained with or without treats.

My dog loves this!
5-stars red

My dog loves finding the kibble that is hidden in the snuffle mat. She tends to destroy her toys, so I only leave it out when she is using it.

Sniff salad
5-stars red

My pup Milo loved this! We call it the milo treat salad! Haha If you have a dog, definitely get them this. It’ll keep them distracted and a use up their energy!

My girl loves this
5-stars red

My little girl who is extremely food motivated loves this. I gave her kibble in it while I fed our not so food motivated pup and it kept her busy so he could eat.

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