Best Cat Backpacks for Traveling Kitties

Your cat is your best friend, and they deserve to have the same outdoor experiences as you. These specially-made cat backpacks are perfect for toting around furry friends on their hiking adventure—and they’re stylish as well!


Our Cat Bubble Backpack Carrier Collection

Our cat carrier backpacks are the best and most comfortable bags for hiking on the market.

fat cat backpack

The Explorer Large Cat Backpack

When you’re out and about, make sure your cat is at their best. The Explorer Large Cat Backpack can hold up to 20lbs of cat goodness – which means it’s perfect for any size feline traveler! 

  • Hold 26 lbs weight cats/ 20 lbs dogs.
  • 100% safe for your fat pup or cat. Several ventilation spaces allow your pet to enjoy the trip in complete safety.
  • Comfortable padding, adjustable straps, and durable hardware.

The Navigator Clear Cat Bubble Backpack Carrier

You will never have to leave your furry friend behind again with the help of The Navigator Cat Clear Bubble Backpack Carrier. With its clear bubble view, you won’t miss any moment on this adventurous trip!

  • Soft-sided carrier designed to make traveling with your furry friend easier.
  • Made of durable material with a removable pad for your paw-tner to rest on.
  • Cats love to keep a close eye on their surroundings. Transparent window performs awesome for cats to enjoy the scenery.
The City Chic Cat Backpack Review

The City Chic Leather Cat Bubble Backpack

Get a sleek and stylish carrier for your cat with The City Chic Leather Bubble Cat Backpack Carrier that is both airline-approved and breathable. The mesh panels on either side of this 9 holes design allow cool air to flow in, keeping him feeling comfortable while he’s being transported from A to B.

  • Airline-Approved backpack carrier makes traveling with your kittens easy and stress-free.
  • Revolutionary semi-sphere window design adds a unique function in addition to its switchable mesh panel
  • Features mesh panels on both sides for ventilation and breathable comfort.
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps and carrying handle make our carrier easy to attach to a seat belt.

The Villa Cat Bubble Backpack Carrier

The Villa Cat Bubble Carrier Backpack is a great way to take your fur baby with you on the go. It comes with enough room to comfortably seat kitty inside while also being easy for them come out when needed – which won’t be often since it looks so darn adorable anyways!

  • Clear bubble window makes it come true that your cat is able to see everything
  • Allows you to take your furry friend with you wherever you go.
  • Made of superior material which is scratch-resistant, waterproof, easy clean and lightweight. 

"The Breezy" Space Cat Backpack Carrier with Built-in Fan & Light

The Breezy Space Cat Backpack Carrier is the perfect way for you and your furry friend to take on every adventure. Share this old-school pet carrying with comfort, design features like ventilation panels that keep them cool in hot weather or heating up during winter months;

  • The inbuilt lamp with gradual illuminating system will make your cat feel warm and safe.
  • The quite, built-in fan provides fresh airflow to keep the temperature inside comfortable. 
  • Designed with Ergonomic shock-absorbing backplate, high-tech light gram material shoulder strap which evenly distributes stress to reduce the burden of pressure.

The Best Backpack is The Most Comfortable Backpack for Your Cat.

Best Quality

Made from durable and high-quality fabric.


Our Backpacks are perfect for hiking, camping, walk & outdoor activities.


Our backpacks are perfect for car ride, plane travel, bus tour and more.

Our Ventilated Mesh Cat Backpack Carriers

Made with oxford fabric, our ventilated cat carrier backpacks provide a cool environment and easy visibility.

Are Cat Backpacks Safe for Cats?

The truth is they are not only safe for your pet to use but surprisingly, you cat will most likely enjoy being inside of the backpack as well. Cats really like small confined spaces and have air holes so it won’t have a hard time breathing either!

Made From the Best Stuff on Earth

Why Choose Us?

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To clean, remove reversible pad, machine wash cold, let air dry.

Our backpacks are designed to comply with major airline regulations for animal carriers. However, you should still consult with your airline carrier for their specific requirements before traveling.

At this time, our cat backpacks do not come with replacement pads or parts.

The fleece pad is removable and washable.

Yes,  our backpack features an internal safety leash.

The shoulder straps are adjustable.

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